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Softball – Hitting & Bunting

Softball Hitting & Bunting Instruction

The video clips below walk you through fundamentally sound hitting and bunting technique. By breaking the process down, you can learn and focus on those individual parts as coaches and teach your kids proper form. Your kids will benefit far greater from you taking the time to teach and perfect each part of the process through drills than if you simply throw batting practice without breaking it down.
Practice Tip
Set up three stations during batting practice and practice in this order: 1) Work on each individual part as shown below with a bat and no tee or pitching – focus only on perfecting each part of the swing process; 2) Work on the same parts slowly hitting off a tee, gradually making the swing more fluid, but focus on proper technique before allowing hard and quick swings; and 3) Practice the technique with pitches in the batting cage.
Biggest Hitting Mistakes

  • Elbow Up – proper hitting technique requires the back elbow to be down and relaxed, not forced up. To have a sound swing, the back elbow needs to end up in tight close to the ribs, so it may as well start there, in a relaxed position.
  • Dropping or Looping the Bat on the Swing – stand with your back foot within a few inches of the fence or net and swing. If the bat hits the fence or net, the swing is looping and the bat is dropping, which isn’t sound. The bat head needs to go straight to the hitting zone, with the hands leading the way.
  • Shifting Too Much Weight to the Front Foot – power is provided when the weight is kept back, not up on the front foot. This is a common misconception and robs the hitter of power.

This video shows sound bunting technique for all ages.

Hitting Technique Broken Down by Parts…
Basics of Softball Hitting
This video walks through the basics of hitting in fast-pitch softball – drills and techniques.

Advanced Softball Hitting
This video walks through more advanced concepts and techniques for hitting in fast-pitch softball – drills and techniques.

Fixing Bat Lag in the Swing
Tips to correct bat lag in the swing.

Slap Hitting
This video covers the art of slap hitting in fast-pitch softball.


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