EOCLL – Orange County, Virginia

Infield/Outfield Fielding Instruction

Baseball Infield / Outfield Fielding Instruction

Basics of Learning to Catch:
This video shows the bare basics of catching a ball.

Catch with 2 Hands for Quick Release:
This video shows the basics of catching a ball with two hands, not just to help catch, but for quick throwing release.

Approaching & Fielding a Ground Ball, Part 1:
This video shows how to approach and field a ground ball in preparation for the throw.

Throwing After Fielding a Ground Ball, Part 2:
This video is a continuation of the above video that demonstrates how to come up throwing after fielding a ground ball.

Charging a Ground Ball:
This video shows how to charge a ground ball and throw quickly.

Outfielder Techniques:
This video shows the outfielder ready position and how to field ground balls for a quick throw.

Ground Balls, Fly Balls and Communication: This video discusses and shows fielder communications, fielding ground balls, and fly balls. (A note about communication: repeating “Mine, Mine, Mine” is more efficient that “I got It”, and the other players can acknowledge by repeating the player’s name that’s calling for it so everyone knows whose ball it is.

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