EOCLL – Orange County, Virginia


Below are the VOLUNTEER board members that help make this league what it is. Besides working full-time jobs you can see these members coaching, umpiring, working at the snack shack, or working the fields, while still attending board meetings. We are always looking for more volunteers.

Board Members:

President: Roger Nelson
Vice President:Robbie Sacra
Secretary: Patty Lacava
Treasurer: Paul Lacava
Player Agent: Chrissy Chasen
Information Officer: Kenny Richardson
Safety Officer: Troy Hart
Coaching Coordinator: Matt Stretton
V.P. of Softball: Paul Lacava
V.P. of Baseball: Kim Trout
Sponsorship/Fundraising:  Chrissy Chasen
Equipment Coordinator: Matt Stretton
Concession Coordinator: Ginger Rhoades
Umpire Chief: Robbie Sacra
Grounds Coordinator: Rob Rhoades
Other Voting Members: Calvin Kurtz


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